Why are Oil Changes Necessary so Often?

 You know the saying, "Change your oil every 3,000 miles," but do you abide by this? While the mileage interval may be different depending on your vehicle and the kind of oil used, it is vital that you always change your oil on time. The health of your vehicle's engine depends on fresh oil. Here are five reasons to never skip or put off oil changes.

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Removes Engine Grime

When you drain old oil from the engine it removes all of the impurities that have made their way inside and turned the oil to a mud like substance. This includes dirt, dust and metal shavings from minor metal on metal contact that has occurred. The sludge makes it difficult for the pistons to pump, resulting in a decrease in the engine power and fuel efficiency.

Replace the Oil Filter

As mentioned, there are many contaminants that can make their way inside the engine. As oil circulates it drops these impurities off at the oil filter. If the filter becomes clogged it will prevent oil from flowing properly through the engine, resulting in harsh friction between the moving parts of the engine.

Restores Engine Power

After draining the old oil and replacing the filter new oil is added. This restores the ability of the engine to produce the amount of power necessary to move the car with ease and get the highest possible fuel economy.

Ensures Proper Lubrication.

The most important reason to have the oil changed on time is to ensure that all of the moving parts of the motor are properly lubricated. Without the correct amount of oil, and the correct grade of oil in the engine parts can come into contact with each other which will result in massive engine damage that can be time-consuming and expensive to repair.

Use the right oil for your car.

Modern engines are built with specific tolerances to achieve performance and fuel mileage goals. It is very important to use the oil that is recommended by your manufacturer. Not just any oil at the quick lube shop will do. The proper viscosity is only half the battle. Ie. Not all 10w30 oils are the same. Most auto manufacture’s (included American and Japanese) now require the oil to pass a “standard” to qualify for used in their engines. Special additives are added like anti sludge and cleaning agents to be certified for use. Make sure your shop or auto parts store is selling you oil that meets the requirements for you vehicle. Pennzoil Pure Plus is an example of new technology that is very beneficial to your high tech engine.

Mechanical Overview

Finally, when you conduct an oil change at a repair shop it gives the technician a chance to take a peek at the other mechanicals of your vehicle. This gives them the opportunity to check for wear and tear, impending issues, and take note of other services that need to be completed to ensure a safe and reliable vehicle.

Never skip an oil change, it only puts your vehicle at risk of massive harm. If you need an oil change in Ephrata be sure to head to Huber's Auto Group. We conduct all sorts of auto maintenance and repair for most import and domestic vehicles. Give us a call today at (717) 733-2631 to schedule an appointment for auto repair in Ephrata or if you're interested in our quality used car inventory be sure to stop by the lot today!

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